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Our Services

  • Treatment of Acute Illness and Injuries
  • Management of Chronic Illness
  • Complete Medical Exam
  • Cancer Screen
  • Stress Management
  • Slow Aging Process
  • Weight Loss Management

About Our Services…


The human spirit and body are splendid self-healing organisms. With coaching & lifestyle modification  we can improve your health and longevitity.


More About Dr. Harpole…


Medicare Annual Visit

For patients over 65 Medicare covers an annual “Wellness Examination.” The following is an example of an such an evaluation. Notice no lab tests are covered. The only lab tests that are covered are those associated with an illness the patient already has,such as, cholesterol for a person with high cholesterol.



Waist/Hip Measurement

The waist is measured at the smallest circumference of waist, usually just above the belly button. The hip is measured at its widest part of the buttocks. Indicator of health WHR is used as a measurement of obesity, which in turn is an indicator of other more serious health conditions.