Testosterone Treatment Testimonial

Dear Dr. Harpole:
I am writing this testimonial for all those “middle aged gents” considering trying “testosterone” injection’s as a course of therapy. Again, I thank you for your recommendation. This therapy has made a positive impact on my quality of life. Sincerely, S.E. Nickols (CTO Diablo Mountain Research, LLC).

For the gents:
If you are reading this, you are seriously considering getting injections of “testosterone”. As painful as that may sound, the injections are not that bad. Sandra, a key member of Dr. Harpole’s staff, is an exceptional nurse, and her shots are nearly painless. That is coming from someone who hate’s needles!

I came to Dr. Harpole, because I was looking to get a sleep aid (Ambien). My profession has been negatively impacted by the economy. (I am a self-employed as an Electrical Engineer in the Medical Device industry). I fly twice per week domestically, now for the past three years. It is not glamorous travel. If anything the travel saps my energy, plus it has had a negative impact on my health. I was having trouble sleeping when on the “road”. (I travel quarterly internationally).
A routine blood test showed good things with PSA’s, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. The blood test indicated, my testosterone was in the “normal range”. The number for the testosterone was on the low side of things. Plus my blood pressure was a bit high at 130/90. That is with a guy who has spent a life time being fit. I stand at 5”7’, at the time weighed 130lbs. Not sick by any standard, but something was off.

Why consider the “T” therapy?
In my case, I am 55 years old. Medical science shows us males that our “T” drops with age. Testosterone helps us males adapt to stress. Having been in the first Gulf War, as a guy in my early 30’s, I got through several stressful events without much fuss including travel to and living in a dessert. Now in my mid 50’s, I can tell you, I was not adapting well to frequent travel. A new bed every week. I thought with aging and travel I have to give up things that truly make me fit. Up until I was 45, I was able to run an hour nearly every day. Not fast like in my 20’s, yet an easy cheap fitness bonus. Aging, stress, etc. killed my fun. I was reduced to short jogs, exercise bikes, walking, and light weights. I figured that with my blood test, blood pressure, and age, it is worth trying the Testosterone therapy.

Testing out the “T” shots:
Being in the Medical Device field has taught me how to verify/validate a technique. I did not want to try this treatment subjectively and come to a false conclusion. So with a plan and a goal I moved forward. We are lucky to live in this modern time of being able to buy pulse rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, and good weight scales that have good calibration. I designed a “simple” experiment to test “T” shots.

T shot test Plan:
Monitor/document blood pressure daily for three months.
Monitor/document weight daily for three months.
Monitor/document pulse rate during exercise daily for three months.
Monitor/document resting pulse rate (while sitting and laying down) three times per week.
Keep a daily log of activity and food consumption.
Monitor/document sleeping and dream states.
Monitor/document overall “subjective well-being”.
Do not change diet substantially.

Outcome after three months of taking “T” shots:
Blood pressure dropped, with home measurements, from 130/90 to less than 90/65 with three month average of 102/72.
Resting heart rate dropped from 75 beats per minute to less the 50 beats per minute.
I can train more vigorously with less residual fatigue. I recover faster day to day.I went from feeble jogs of 15 to 25 minutes to faster jogs at 30 minutes to 90 minutes. My heart rate has dropped from 160 beats/minute to 140 beats/per minute for an 8 minute mile. I work out hard 5 five days per week with 2 easy days per week. No cravings for carbohydrates after intense aerobic activity.Went from 30 pushups to 100 pushups in one sitting. Went from 5 pull-ups to 20 pull-ups. Weight dropped from 130 lbs to 125 lbs.

I am not dieting. My diet is essentially the same as before taking the shots. I can see the sinews of my muscles below the skin. I have not seen that since my early 20’s.
No bruising after tough workouts. I used to bruise when I worked out hard. My long range vision has improved. I do not need driving glasses. (Will follow this up with the eye doctor, however “Seeing is believing”.) I have better blood flow and better tolerance to cold rooms. I take my blood pressure readings at 5 am. Room temperature can be less than 65 F. Caffeine consumption has dropped from 8 to 10 cups per day to 2 cups. I do not need caffeine pickups during the day. I can go without caffeine for over 24 hours with no headaches. No more “Zombie” Saturday’s after a Friday late plane trips. I have gained back my weekends.
My sleep on the road is much better. I sleep more deeply and wake up less often during the night. Weight and blood pressure stay stable within one day directly after “T” shots. I do occasionally, get an effect where I gain some weight 2 or three days after taking a shot within two weeks. My wife says I look hot.

Summary of Conclusions:
I came into taking “T” shots with an open mind yet a goal and a desire to see results.It took three shots for me, before I started getting measurable results. Yet, my exercise increased after two shots, I just felt up to the task.

My number one goal was to reduce my blood pressure. That was achieved. This came about by working with the “T” shots and working out harder. Nothing happened over night. The shots have made this difference. My diet has not changed much other than a reduction in caffeine. I do eat more vegetables, however red meat consumption has not been reduced. I am not on a diet. I do and have always ate well. (No McDonalds, etc for 30 years). Still I like grilled steak. I think my BPH 3 months ago was just age/stress related. Diet did not change the equation here.

I chose to measure results as best as I can, given the technology we can buy off the shelf. With this simple “Design of Experiments” , you can see my results.I still get tired and worn at times. This is just life for me.

My threshold for life events has changed in the positive direction. I am still traveling and stressed at times. Yet, I feel and think more positively, recently, than in the past few years.

After three months, I have decided to continue with the therapy. I think getting a shot every three to four weeks will work out fine for me. I can sustain this treatment in the foreseeable future.

Dr. Harpole will guide you in how you need “T” shots and how often to dose. I followed his plan for me.